Sharp, Shiny, Sexy – Glass Hair

Sharp, Shiny, Sexy – Glass Hair

Super sharp, super straight, super shiny: Glass Hair is 2018’s end of year hair trend. It’s not just a cut, but hair care and styling for a sensual diva effect. What is it about?

Glass Hair is a medium or long bob (between the base of the neck and the shoulders), without layers, preferably parted in the middle, with or without fringe, and extremely straight. Not enough though, it must be extremely bright and shiny too. Like a sheet of glass (and that’s where it takes its name from).

Recently the bob has come back on catwalks, magazines and at last on the streets, but until now we have seen it moved by soft waves – as a beach effect – or by layered cuts. After such a show of fantasy and artistry, the fashion world calls everyone to order with a cut and a styling that requires precision, method and technique.

Kim Kardashian (trendsetter par excellence), Lucy Hale, Dua Lipa, Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid are just some of the celebrities on which this trend rubbed off, they opted for Glass Hair. But the very first one who did it before everyone of them was Victoria Beckham, when she was known just as Posh Spice.

After all, the ’90s style is taking over the fashion industry. Hairstyling couldn’t be exempted from this trend, so it has reinterpreted a classic as the straight bob in a contemporary way.

How can we do Glass Hair like the celebrities?


To have perfect Glass Hair you need these 4 things:


Just one option: contact a professional, a master who can cut your hair in a very precise and well-finished way, but who can also choose the best length for your face and your lifestyle.


Just one option: be patient. Yes, you can maintain and repeat this styling on your own, but you have to dry your hair accurately with brush and hairdryer, then use a hair straightener and take care of your hair with special straightening products, as the SMOOTH INFUSION by AVEDA, a selection of products as hair waxes, creams and masks that help to maintain your hair straight, hydrated and which can contrast wind and humidity typical of the fall/winter time


Just one option: choose the right products. Like the BRILLANT COLLECTION by AVEDA, a selection of products where you can find shampoos, masks and sprayes studied to give hair spectacular effects and an healthy and strong look, highlighting the whole face.


We take care of your look, now it’s your turn. Show your personality, your smartness and sensuality. In a few words: express your femininity, show with self-confidence the Woman you are!

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