Valentina Corrias

During her training she attended a totally artistic path: Art Institute, Cultural Heritage Sciences, school for hairdressers and finally the Stefania D’Alessandro make-up school.
After working for many companies, such as Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Chanel, Benefit, she specialized in the study of eyebrows, a service based on precise measurements of the face, thanks to which create the perfect frame for the look.
He has been part of Wave’s staff since September 2017.


You have trained and have had experiences in very different fields. Why, in the end, did you decide to dedicate yourself to make-up and eyebrows?

I am passionate about this sector thanks to all the experiences I have faced, working for different companies. I realized that, just like a cut or a hair color, even the eyebrows are able to transform a person. It is a world to be discovered, which has been given more importance for some years. The make-up, however, is a passion that I had since I was a child: I’ve always loved drawing and painting and from there the make-up.

How do you approach your customers?

In general I try to relate to people, trying to empathize with them and immediately understand their needs: the client must leave the salon satisfied and smiling.

How is the customer of your dreams, your perfect client?

The perfect customer is that one who put herself in your hands, because she knows that he is receiving a service from a professional and, therefore, totally relies on you.

A trick of your job that all your customers should know?

I have two of them.
The perfume: the woman must never go out without, because it fits and distinguishes you from all the others.
Mascara: even if you are not made up it’s the best ally for women.

Your life motto?

“Tomorrow is another day”. Because today can also be a dark day, but tomorrow could be wonderful.

What is your favourite film?

“The devil wears Prada”. Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, two generations of style in comparison.

Your style icon?

Audrey Hepburn. A classic! A woman with great charm.

Your perfect Saturday night?

Movie and popcorn!

“Tomorrow is another day”. Because today can also be a dark day, but tomorrow could be wonderful.