Maria Rosaria Millarini

Owner of Wave together with Fabio Caciagli, Rosaria has over 30 years of experience in the sector. She represents that generation of hairdressers who started practicing the profession very young.
Maria Rosaria started at the school for hairdressers moved by the greatest passion she had since she was a child. A determined woman who has chosen to do this job and follow her own path in spite of everything and everyone. She began her training within an important group of experts where she refined her technique learning from the great masters she met. A continuous training, from the job in the salon to fashion shows, refresher courses, to the stage in front of other colleagues. All these experiences have helped to shape her both in character and as a professional.


What does inspire you when you put your hands on a customer?

The person herself gives me the inspiration, depending on what she tells of herself, her needs. I am a person who listens a lot. Sometimes, looking at the originality of my personal style, someone expects to have an equally eccentric style, so that I’d do “something more”. I believe that customers rely on me for my ability to understand their personality.

Which is the cut or styling that you most enjoy doing it?

I like to cut curly hair, working especially on long hair. All hairdressers have a certain fear of this type of hair, but I feel very well … who knows, maybe because I wanted to be born curly!

The hair product that nobody should do without?

Let’s start from the base: the washing. So, a very good shampoo and a specific treatment, depending on the needs of the hair, make a big difference.

Do you have a hero, a person you take as a model?

I highly esteem Fabio, my business partner, I can say he is my model. We have been working together for 24 years, maybe this is also the reason why, among us there is a lot of respect.

Is there a motto or phrase that you feel like yours?

“Go on”.

The VIP with the most beautiful hair ever?

The actress Tilda Swinton.

The VIP with the worst hair ever?

I love Sofia Loren. I think, however, that her hair should be treated differently to enhance it.

“Go on”