Fabio Caciagli

34 years of experience, Fabio began working at 12 in the salon where he used to go with his mother.

He attended the school of Gabrio Staff, and after 7-years of experience¬†he opened the first salon with Rosaria in 1994. They continued their training and research, visiting European and International cities in search of new trends. In 1997 he joined the Sergio Valente’s Team, of which he is still a member, which allowed him to move around the world (USA, China, Japan, Roma Alta Moda, Milano Collezioni).

For 11 years, Wave has been based in via Santo Spirito Florence and Fabio has been collaborating with Rosaria for over 24 years, a winning partnership.


You and Rosaria have always spent a lot of time training and updating, traveling the world. What motivates you in this activity?

First of all, we wanted to impress the customer: the idea has always been to enhance her, to make her feel good, but at the same time we want to be ahead of the times so that she does not surprise us with her requests. When the client asks us for a service or a job, we must already be able to know how to do it. This led us to be ahead of the market.

How do you approach customers?

First, as soon as they enter, I look at them and try to imagine them: I begin to look at the shapes of the face, the color of the eyes, the hair, how they dress, how they behave. I give an initial consultation to each client and I try to understand what she needs and who I have in front of me. Then, together with her, I try to build the right look for her needs, also guiding her in make-up and clothing. We are also developing this area, based on the requests of many customers who have asked to be guided in the total look, in order to give a global service. We have created a private area, a one-to-one area, where the client will be alone with us and we will tailor them, creating looks based on the needs of her life.

Is there a hair product we should never do without?

There is, but it can not be generalized in a single product because hair, like the skin, are all different. At the moment we use Aveda products, because it is a complete company that also makes products for make-up, cosmetics, face, as well as for the hair, paying particular attention to the naturalness of the products.

What is the tool of your job you love the most?

The scissors, because I love to cut hair. But it depends on the moment. In many years of work I had the habit of moving my focus, also to find new inspirations and new stimuli. Since we can provide many services, during my day I move also on other beyond the cut.

Your motto?

“If you want, you can”. I think that thanks to commitment, research, study, you can get what you want. It applies in our sector, but I believe you can apply it in all the other areas of life.

Which is the VIP with the most beautiful hair?

Actually I do not have a particular name to mention, because Rosaria and Iin the course of our career were lucky enough to take care of the look of many artists and personalities from the entertainment world, and in the end what strikes me most is that they are people who do a particular job, but who have the same needs as ordinary people that I find in my salon.

Your daily hair routine?

I have straight hair and thanks to a good cut they do not need any big styling: they go into place by themselves! I use a good shampoo and dry them upside down, I put a bit of wax to deconstruct them and leave them like that, a little untangled.

What sports do you practice?

When I have time, I run or follow a functional workout in the gym, like tacfit or bodyweight.

“If you want, you can”. I think that thanks to commitment, research, study, you can get what you want. It applies in our sector, but I believe you can apply it in all the other areas of life.