Alice Cappelletti

Alice began her career immediately after the end of high school, attending the cosmetology and beauty school for 3 years. She started working from the first year of courses, in parallel with the training, so she trained directly on-the-job. After a first experience of 3 years, she joined Wave’s staff. Since then 7 years have passed.
In the salon she deals with both basic and more specific beauty treatments for face and body.


What is the best part of working at Wave?

Being in touch with people. It is a work in which the aesthetic component is very strong and this matches with my artistic side.

What is your favorite work tool?

My hands. Manual skills are the basis of my job.

The historical period with the best make-up?

The 50s. I feel really near to the style of Marilyn Monroe, daily I apply make-up like hers, thick line and red lipstick.

The historical period with the worst make-up and style instead?

The 90s, because there was no real fashion setting, everyone did it their own way, without following a specific style.

Your motto or the phrase that identifies you?

“No excuses, play as a champion”.

A movie, TV series or book character that looks like you?

I really like Julia Roberts, I find her very simple and I feel so much emotion in her.

What do you do in your spare time?

I was born dancing, lately I’m specializing in disciplines such as pole dance and aerial dance. I also practice Latin dances, especially Cuban salsa and bachata.

Your favorite singer?

Among the Italians, certainly, Vasco Rossi, but also Lucio Battisti. In general I like music that speaks of feelings, emotions, love.

When you were a teenager, you had a crush on…?

Jason Statham.

“No excuses, play as a champion”