Alessandra Flora

Young and passionate, Alessandra attended the school for hairdressers in Florence, obtaining two diplomas.
As soon as she finished her studies she joined the staff of Wave, where she continued her training through Aveda’s specialized courses. Supported by Fabio and Rosaria, her work in the salon enhances her color technique skills. She has been a part Wave’s team for 6 years.


What is the best part of working at Wave?

It’s a path of continuous growth, a comparison between professionals. Our skills are continuously enriched through team work. Each of us collaborates and contributes to the growth of the group.

Why did you choose this specific branch of your work?

Because it is very artistic, it brings out my creative side. Through the acquired techniques it is possible to add value to a newly made cut and to realize the client’s wishes.

Which is the type of color or the techniques that is most fun?

The thing that I enjoy  most and that gives me the most satisfaction is “guiding” the client towards a look and a style in which she feels at ease. Every person is different and our job is to enhance every type of personality. There are many coloring techniques, the most satisfying thing is to find the right one for the person in front of you.

Do you have passions beyond your job?

My first passion is my job. I like reading, I love art, in fact I attended the Faculty of Artistic Heritage at the university.

Your ideal Saturday night?

I’m not a very socialite girl. When I go out, my ideal night is pubs, beer and friends. I think that if you have the right company, the place you are in is indifferent.

Your motto?

“Stay positive!”.

Is there a cut, a color or a styling that you like, but you’ve never have the courage to do?

No, honestly no, I did anything.

What is your favourite movie?

I do not have one in particular. I like movies that excite me, so I can switch from a romantic comedy to a horror movie in a matter of hours.

“Stay positive!”