Make-up Services

The experience and expertise of a professional at the service of your beauty, to be impeccable with the perfect make-up for your face and your personality.

Air kiss for you. Close up cropped shot of femenine gorgeous charming adorable lady with amazing wavy hair do, tube of hard pink pomade in arm. Pampering, lips correction concept


Perfect for those who want to get a focus on a particular area of the face (as eyes, face, lips) or who wants a refresh make-up.

Fashion portrait pretty sweet young woman blowing red lips wearing a black hat sunglasses coat over grey background


The make-up day has to be fresh, bright, cared for emphasizing especially the skin tone and to have a natural and glam look.

woman with pink hair and pink lips applying bronzer to cheeks


Based on a study of the features and shape of the face, then of the eyes and lips. Our experts will weigh up the color of the skin, eyes, hair and analyze the occasion for which the make-up is required and create a sense of continuity with the clothing.