Funky, Mysterious, True – Exist Loudly

Funky, Mysterious, True – Exist Loudly

Acid, gaudy, extreme: it is the latest trend for hair color. Billie Eilish is the school, the pop star of the moment, who has always sported eccentric looks, to express a strong and impactful personality, just like her music. It all started with her and the rest of the world followed suit.

Electric blue, acid green, ice white, pearl gray, pastel blue: from the brightest shades to the softest shades, let’s play. Playing with hair to play with ourselves.

Younger girls choose similar hair colors as a distinctive sign of their identity, but even more mature women do not disdain this trend, even if only with a slight reflection of the most daring shades. The desire to get involved and dare is ageless.

What is certain is that this type of coloring runs the risk of significantly stressing the hair. Shades so bright require a very light base, therefore in most cases, before proceeding with the application of the color, the hair must be discolored.

The risk is to use aggressive products that affect the structure and health of the hair, making it dull, dry and brittle. But the right products alone are not enough, you need to rely on expert hands to be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the color, without having to resort to emergency cuts to remedy damaged hair.

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