DNA Or Coconut Oil?

DNA Or Coconut Oil?

Hair dryer, sun, sea, humidity, wrong products: we hardly think about it, but our hair is targeted by a multitude of external agents that can damage them. The result is dry and brittle hair, split ends, dull color, fragility. Of course, the nature of the hair is essential: a “genetically” strong hair has more chances to stay healthy, but it is not immune to small disasters that, day after day, are likely to weaken and spoil it. Yet there are a number of hair treatments and natural products (based on coconut oil, clay, turmeric, quinoa and others) able to come to our aid. Let’s see how!

Each hair is different, in the same way not all treatments are equivalent. In order for a treatment to be really effective, it is necessary to examine carefully the nature of the hair and the severity of the damage, in order to establish the most suitable type of intervention. When returning from holidays, or because of a strong intervention on the hair (such as a perm, a bleaching or an aggressive color), it is important to contact your hairdresser, who will suggest and apply the best products for your situation.

In addition to hair, it is absolutely important not to neglect the scalp, often attacked by foaming products that tend to dry up or, on the contrary, to stimulate overproduction of sebum, irritating it. Also in this case, the advice of a professional is fundamental to solve in a short time a problem that could have decidedly unpleasant consequences, if neglected.

So, what are the products to be used once outside the salon, to have hair that is not only beautiful, but also healthy and strong?

  • Shampoo: attention to foaming products! So much foam is not always a sign of deep cleaning, on the contrary. The ideal is a shampoo that respects the balance and the pH of the scalp, even better if based on natural extracts and with few chemical and synthetic ingredients.
  • Conditioner and Mask: an introductory statement: one does not replace the other! On the contrary, the maximum effectiveness is obtained by the combined action of both. The Conditioner, in fact, has the function of moisturizing the hair, while the mask has a restructuring and nourishing action. Together, a perfect combo.
  • Protective cream: fundamental product, but very few used. Do not protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer and from the atmospheric agents risk to nullify all the work done previously.

Quality always makes the difference: choose the right products, they have to be high quality and formulated respecting the skin and hair, which do not contain chemical ingredients. For this reason, we at Wave have chosen to embrace the philosophy of Aveda, which provides natural products from Ayurvedic medical philosophy, to rebalance mind and body in respect of health and the environment.

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