Change your look, change your ways – Discover Wave’s Privé

Change your look, change your ways – Discover Wave’s Privé

An exclusive space, a place in which we design your new which expresses your personality. Wave’s Privé is a one-to-one corner in which to start a transformation process that is not limited only to hair, but also touches make-up and style.

Inside Wave’s Privé you will be welcomed by a team of professional hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists, who, starting from a short interview, will try to understand your personality and your needs to help you express yourself through your look.

Our experts will evaluate with you the most suitable hairstyle for your face and your personality and the color that can enhance your complexion, facial features and your natural colors.

Our make-up artists will help you enhance your beauty through a dedicated consultation, to define and teach you the best makeup for you, also based on the change of cut and color.

But not only. The change of look does not stop at hair and make-up, but covers every area of ​​your being. Style is essential for communicating outside and our team will also support you in this aspect, advising you on your friendly colors, that is, those colors that can enhance your beauty and communicate your personality and style also through clothing and outfits.

A complete service, to give you all the best tools to express yourself in every area. Wave’s Privé is the place where the real you take shape.

Contact us now to book a consultation, start your transformation now!

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